God Eater 3 Review – Aragami Hunter

Gigantic inhuman entities threatening mankind are something that we’re all familiar with in the year 2019. Monster Hunter, Attack on Titan, Godzilla–there’s something inherently compelling about the trope where desperate survivors pit themselves against incredible odds and incredibly large monsters at the end of the world. God Eater 3’s narrative, much like its predecessors, leans

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Editors’ Choice: Sayonara Wild Hearts Defies Music-Game Boundaries

I’ve always had a soft spot for music-driven games. Rhythm games like Guitar Hero, Rez, or Thumper play almost subconsciously for me as someone with a musical background so I first approached Sayonara Wild Hearts with a similar mindset. However, as I made my way through the game I discovered that it’s so much more

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Editors’ Choice: Intense Duels Reign Supreme in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

As someone familiar with FromSoftware’s prior works, I approached Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice with (what I believed to be) earned confidence. After all, surely those who’ve conquered the Souls series and acquired Bloodborne’s Platinum Trophy would be adequately prepared for a stealthy shinobi adventure through 15th Century Japan. For the first several enemy encounters, this

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Happy Holidays From PlayStation.Blog and Teams Around the World

Whoa, it’s already the end of the year? *Blinks* Apparently, time flies when amazing games drop one right after the other! In these final holiday weeks of 2019, we’d like to say thank you for all your support throughout the year. Both the PlayStation.Blog team and the creators of the aforementioned amazing games hope your

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MediEvil’s Short-Lived Demo Returns Today With New Content

Merry citizens of Gallowmere, Tis the season of comfort, joy and second chances! I bring you the jolly news that the MediEvil Short-Lived Demo is being resurrected at PlayStation Store today with additional content! Get your hands on this free download to claim the Sir Dan’s Helmet item, traverse the Graveyard and Hilltop Mausoleum and

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Editors’ Choice: Resident Evil 2 is Survival Horror Mastered

Dreams of a Resident Evil 2 remake have been swirling in my head since 2005. My imagination ignited the moment I unlocked Leon’s Raccoon Police Department outfit in Resident Evil 4. Seeing the outbreak survivor in his updated, detailed RPD uniform battling parasitic threats with RE4’s revolutionary over-the-shoulder gunplay set my mind wild imagining what

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Polls Open: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Decade

Choosing your favorite game of the year is always difficult. You may have a frontrunner and a few others that really leapt out at you, but truly determining which was your flat-out favorite? The one you’d hang your hat on for a given year? Tough stuff. Welp, get ready for an even more challenging decision

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