The Genesis / Mega Drive Mini Hack Is Finally Here

When the NES and SNES Classic Editions were released it didn’t take long for hackers to find a way of installing new games onto them, so it shouldn’t come as a massive shock to discover that the same thing has happened to the Genesis / Mega Drive Mini, a rival system from Sega. As was

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Rumour: Metroid Prime 4’s Environment Work Might Be Outsourced

At the start of 2019, Nintendo fans got quite a shock when Nintendo restarted the development of Metroid Prime 4. It has potentially set its eventual release back multiple years. If a finding by the YouTuber Doctre81 is anything to go by though, the game could be arriving sooner than expected. He’s been digging around

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Random: Move Aside Baby Sonic, Baby Mega Man Has Resurfaced Online

The internet went wild for Baby Yoda in the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian, so Sega decided to follow this up recently with the reveal of Baby Sonic. These aren’t the only baby versions of notable characters that have ever existed, though. As many pointed out, Baby Mario has been around for a long

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Feature: The Best Nintendo Moments Of 2019

2019 may have tested many of us with varying trials and tribulations outside the world of video games, but it’s been a pretty wonderful year for gamers all round, and especially Switch owners. Nintendo’s hybrid handheld has gone from strength to strength, with a huge amount of excellent games, a nice little internal revision that

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Poll: Box Art Brawl #23 – Snowboard Kids

Welcome to a festive edition of Box Art Brawl, where regional box art variants battle each other for the honour of your vote. Christmas is over, New Year is approaching, so it’s time to hit the slopes as the snow settles in the interim. Last week Star Wars Episode I: Racer raced itself to the

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